Best Tennis Tips for Pros

Tennis gear, apparel and tips for pros.

  • A racket is spun or a coin is tossed to determined player sides and who will serve first. The winner can take the first serve and choose the court side they desire or choose to receive the first service where their opponent will dictate sides and make the first serve.
  • The ball must land within the court boundaries for play to continue; if server hits the ball outside of bounds, the receiver calls loudly, “OUT,” and a point is deducted from the server. If it hits the line it is considered “Good” and play continues.
  • Players must not touch the net, posts or opponents side of court.  
  • Carrying or catching the ball with the racket is not allowed
  • Players cannot hit the ball twice.
  • Players must wait until the ball passes the net before they can return it.
  • if player does not return a live ball before it bounces twice, they lose a point.
  • Penalties include, 
  • If the racquet leaves the hand or verbal abuse occurs, a penalty is given.
  • Any ball that bounces on the lines of boundary are considered good.
  • A serve must bounce first before the receiving player can return it.